christopher consultants, ltd.

U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters – Washington, DC

christopher provided surveying services to Clark Construction for the construction of a new headquarters for the United States Coast Guard. The project is the first stage of the Department of Homeland Security’s plan to consolidate facilities at a new campus on the grounds of the Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital site in Washington, DC. The project is located on a designated historic landmark in the District’s Anacostia neighborhood. Construction was complete in 2013. The new U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters building features an 11-story office building providing about a 1.2 million square feet facility for 3,860 employees, a separate central utility plant, and two seven-story parking garages. christopher also provided arborist and tree preservation services during the project in order to help the developer preserve the natural setting on the historic campus. The project involved re removal of up to 1.5 million cubic yards of dirt.