christopher consultants, ltd.

St. Theresa Parish – Ashburn, Virginia

christopher consultants provided the site engineering and surveying to the Catholic Diocese of Arlington for the St. Theresa Parish, a 73,000 square-foot church and private school located in Ashburn, Virginia. christopher also developed the site plan and worked with local government agencies to move the project through the approval process.

The church at St. Theresa Parish was started in 1991 and the St. Theresa School began holding classes in 1994. The church was completely rebuilt beginning in 2008 and the current building opened in 2009. Today the parish hosts nearly 3,000 families and the school has nearly five hundred students enrolled. christopher has worked with the Diocese of Arlington on several other projects including Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Virginia and  Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church in Woodbridge, Virginia.