christopher consultants, ltd.

Springfield Town Center – Springfield, Virginia

christopher consultants, ltd. is currently providing professional civil engineering and surveying services for Springfield Town Center, and provided comprehensive plan amendments and rezoning work as well.  christopher has designed and is in the process of providing services during construction of the first phase of this project.  This phase includes offsite improvements, onsite infrastructure upgrades and the remodeling of the existing mall.  christopher prepared all zoning documents and processed them through the two yearlong entitlement process including extensive efforts to reach out to the local community groups and Fairfax County staff.

Springfield Town Center is one of two areas in Fairfax County planned for significant rejuvenation.  This aging and highly accessible regional mall will be transformed into a community oriented mixed-use town center.  The conceptual plan proposes the expansion and remodeling of the shopping mall with the addition of multi-family residential units, office buildings, a hotel and recreational amenities.  The plan placed a strong emphasis on environmental site design, both transit and pedestrian-oriented features and includes significant transportation improvements and upgrades to pedestrian access routes to the existing Metro Yellow Line station.

The project is projected to have a huge 20 year build out and includes renovation of the existing 2.1 million square-foot facility with the addition of a mix of uses including a 225-room hotel and over 2,000 new residential homes.  Several office buildings and retail shops will also be included along a new “main street.”