christopher consultants, ltd.

Riverside Parkway – Loudoun County, Virginia

christopher is providing roadway design services to Loudoun County for the connection of the existing Lexington Drive to the new Riverside Parkway, approximately 1,500 linear feet. The roadway, which includes a multi-use path connecting County bikeways, is being performed in conjunction with the development of the Janelia Farms Research Campus.

christopher provided project management, surveying, roadway engineering, drainage, and stormwater management design services for the project. The project also required the design of an 18” watermain located along the length of the roadway, which required offsets and tie-ins to existing services. christopher also provided traffic control plans, erosion and sediment control plans and signing and marking plans; which were coordinated with VDOT for acceptance into the VDOT system. christopher also coordinated with Wetland Studies and Solutions to provide wetlands permitting services for project approval by the Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering.

The project is currently under construction. christopher is providing construction administration services for the construction, as well as oversight for the VDOT locally administered project.