christopher consultants, ltd.

Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center – Prince William County, Virginia

christopher consultants is providing landscape architecture and master planning services for the Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center in Prince William County, Virginia. christopher has donated over $22,000.00 worth of time to date to enhance the site.

The Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center is a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic equestrian activities. The equestrian activities allow individuals with physical, educational, emotional and intellectual challenges to develop self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as helping individuals experience physical and emotional rewards.

christopher consultants donated landscape architecture services for the site as part of the construction of the new parking lot and indoor riding facility. The landscaping, which included the site entry and new facility, focused on creating a defining space through landscaping. As the site is located in an Audubon Wilderness Area, christopher focused on planting native plants while avoiding plants that were poisonous to the Center’s 15 horses.

christopher also donated time and services to create a master plan for the site, visualizing future grazing paddocks, trail connections, an education center, barn and therapeutic playground. The site currently has an indoor and outdoor riding area, paddock, pavilion, driveways and entry signage. The master plan focused on creating an efficient and practical core that would allow for a higher capacity of participants, diversified therapy offerings and specialized support facilities.