christopher consultants, ltd.

Prince William County Service Authority Term – Prince William County, Virginia

christopher consultants has held a term contract for surveying and civil engineering services with the Prince William County Service Authority since 2009 and was recently awarded a renewal of the contract for one-year terms with four possible renewals. Under this contract, christopher has performed tasks including boundary, topography, utility and as-built surveys for the design of newly constructed sanitary sewer and water infrastructure. Engineering design has included new water system extensions, loop closures and waterline replacement plans. Other tasks under the contract include easement preparation, Global Positioning System (GPS), environmental compliance and various other water and sewer projects.

christopher has designed miles of new water and sanitary sewer systems under the Service Authority Term Contract, which private owners and developers have installed and which have been incorporated into the Service Authority facilities network. Significant recent projects have included waterline replacement projects at Balsam Street and the Belmont Bay and Willowbrook subdivisions. Each included the replacement of an approximately 50-year-old water main and sewer lines in these residential neighborhoods. All three projects also included water main extensions to strengthen the supply of water through the service level and to improve water quality, emergency fire flows and system reliability.

Other significant projects include over 50 as-built surveys of parts of the system to improve the Service Authority records and service models. Projects have also included water and sanitary sewer trunk and distribution lines.