christopher consultants, ltd.

Northfax Redevelopment – City of Fairfax, Virginia

christopher consultants is providing preliminary engineering, entitlement and planning services for the redevelopment of 16 parcels comprising approximately 11.6 acres in the Northfax Area of the City of Fairfax. Project efforts include preparation of a base map of existing conditions, preparation of a conceptual street exhibit and review of hydrology reports and plans. christopher also worked on the site to support owner in a condemnation case for three of the parcels along Route 123 and 50.

christopher worked closely with the property owner and developer to address design challenges for the redevelopment of this critical site. christopher developed unique solutions to address floodplain and stormwater issues on the site, as well as site access and tree preservation.

christopher also participated in a design charrette with the City of solve local transportation issues near the site. Clients on this project include Madison Homes and The Lann Companies.