christopher consultants, ltd.

North Hill – Fairfax, Virginia

christopher consultants, ltd. (christopher) is providing surveying, engineering and land planning services for the North Hill Park Project in Fairfax County as part of a public-private partnership. The 34-acre property is being redeveloped for residential and public use consisting of multi-family affordable apartment buildings, single-family townhomes, site amenities and a public passive-use recreational park. Project efforts to date have included site evaluation studies and due diligence analysis, conceptual engineering design, stormwater management design, stormwater outfall analysis and community meeting support services.

This important community project requires a multi-phased approach due to the complexities of the property. The property is currently “split-zoned” and requires a comprehensive plan amendment, entitlements and rezoning prior to final site design. christopher is providing the surveying, preliminary engineering and site evaluation services as part of the land acquisition, zoning and entitlement processes.

christopher has faced several challenges on the site. Marine clay and steep slopes across the site made land acquisition and project financing complex. Through land planning and engineering support, christopher assisted the client in adjusting the proposed site layout and overcoming high construction costs associated with the original layout.

North Hill Park faced community and political pressure to make the project a staple of the Richmond Highway Corridor, including high visibility, preservation of existing features and pedestrian accessibility. christopher supported the client and architect to develop creative solutions for the site. christopher also assisted the developer in presenting and negotiating solutions with Fairfax County and the community.

Upon the initiation of the next phase of the project, christopher will be preparing a generalized development plan, zoning plat and proffer preparation support.