christopher consultants, ltd.

National Memorial Park – Falls Church, Virginia

christopher consultants is performing engineering,  surveying, landscaping and arborist services for National Memorial Park, a 75.2 acre park and cemetery in Falls Church, as part of an ongoing contract with SCI Virginia.

To date, christopher has performed engineering including a pond maintenance project, which included removal of the existing concrete sidewalk, hand rail and wood retaining wall. christopher designed a grading plan that included backfilling and cement grouting behind the existing gabion baskets to prevent further soil erosion. christopher’s also processed plans through Fairfax County and coordinated the geotechnical engineering and construction administration. Surveying services included establishing horizontal and vertical control, topographic surveys and planimetric.

Landscaping and arborist tasks included a tree location survey (locating all trees of 8” caliber or greater) and preparation of a landscaping plan. christopher also created a tree preservation/conservation plan that showed the location, species, quality and condition of the trees to be preserved within the site.  One challenge was that bamboo, an invasive species, overwhelmed the area of the tree preservation plan. christopher created a reforestation plan to fully remove the bamboo.