christopher consultants, ltd.

Jefferson Fire Station – Fairfax County, VA

christopher is performing civil engineering, landscape design and surveying services to Hughes Group Architects for the design of the new Jefferson Fire Station and temporary facility for Fairfax County. The existing fire station is being demolished, and the new fire station will be approximately 16,000-20,000 SF and contain five apparatus bays, living accommodations and associated site improvements. The new fire station is being designed to LEED Silver certification standards. christopher’s project efforts for the new fire station include schematic design, design development, LEED, title research, topographic surveys and boundary surveys. The station is currently in the design phase. To date christopher has performed work on the temporary facility including schematic design, design development, bond release and tree surveys.

christopher will also be performing construction administration services and bidding services during the later phases of both the temporary facility and fire station.