christopher consultants, ltd.

ICC-B – Bethesda, Maryland

christopher consultants is providing surveying, arborist and engineering services to Whiting Turner for the Intelligence Community Campus – Bethesda (ICC-B). The project involves the demolition and renovation of existing buildings and construction of a new 200,000 SF building. Additional site work will include designing site stormwater management solutions, extensive landscaping, a new parking garage containing 1,800 vehicle spaces, an installation gate and a visitor control center.

ICC-B project efforts are ongoing, with completion anticipated in 2016. To date, christopher has performed tasks including arborist services, horizontal and vertical control, topographic and boundary surveys and stakeout of the utilities, ponds and buildings. Engineering services provided include site planning, grading and permitting support.

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers is redeveloping the ICC-B into a community campus for approximately 3,000 intelligence workers. The redesigned site will create a secure campus that supports the collaboration of the intelligence community while reusing an existing government facility. Additional site work will include a full renovation of the building facades and design and implementation of upgrades to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).