christopher consultants, ltd.

Hoffman Center Parking Garage – Alexandria, Virginia

christopher provided civil engineering and surveying services for this multi-phase, multi-year project which involved the development of the nine-story Hoffman Center Parking Garage, seven stories above grade and two stories below grade, a surface parking lot and relocation of three major utility lines. The Hoffman Center Parking Garage is 960,508 square feet and contains 2,883 total parking spaces.

The Hoffman Center Parking Garage project was complicated by many factors. Significant utility location was required within the limits of the footprint of the site. Construction was completed in tight quarters, as an above ground WMATA Yellow line bordered on one side of the site, a public road bordered another and an operating AMC movie complex was on a third. The development of the garage also required complex traffic control and construction phasing to retain some of the existing parking spaces, and the team had to allow access to an operating public roadway. christopher also performed extensive testing to limit ground water contamination, and resolved significant ground water and soil issues involving connecting the facility to the existing AMC theatre.

Other project tasks included entitlement services, civil site design and permitting. christopher has worked with Hoffman Management on many projects, including the Hoffman Center, which is adjacent to the Hoffman Center Parking Garage and houses the AMC theater.