christopher consultants, ltd.

Firestone Tire Plant – Liberia – Liberia, Africa

christopher consultants is working with ECS to provide civil engineering and stormwater management support onsite at a Firestone Tire Plant in Liberia, Africa. This plant was established in 1926 and is the world’s largest natural rubber producing operation, covering approximately 119,000 acres. The site also includes a rubber tree furniture processing plant, retail shops, employee housing, schools, a hospital and a hydroelectric dam. The plant was experiencing flooding issues that caused a major concrete slab floor failure and sinkhole to form below their new plant expansion in a recently completed building.

christopher consultants’ technical staff traveled to Harbel, Liberia to evaluate the sites drainage issues. Our team alongside Firestone’s construction and engineering staff was able to locate the cause of the failure using pipe video camera systems. The problem was identified and an immediate remediation plan was implemented in the field to restore the plant drainage and structure to operational capacity. As part of the solution christopher staff recommended a long term option for the deteriorated pipe. christopher also proposed improvements to reduce flooding within the rubber manufacturing facility, suggesting the use of HDPE pipe to reroute a portion of the site that currently flows beneath several structures within the facility.  We are currently developing mapping and designing drainage systems for practical implementation of the recommendations we provided during our site investigation. We anticipate traveling back to the site in Liberia during the dry season to assist Firestone staff and ECS in the oversight of construction for the newly designed drainage piping systems.