christopher consultants, ltd.

Dorsey Run Industrial Center – Howard County, Maryland

christopher provided civil site design, planning, landscape architecture and surveying services for Dorsey Run Industrial Center, a 162-acres site zoned M-2 for heavy manufacturing. For this multi-phased project, christopher’s services included site design for a 90,000 square-foot research and development office facility and headquarters for Baltimore Air Coil, a 600,000-plus square-foot warehouse and distribution facility with an associated office component, and a 110,000-plus square-foot warehouse with an office component.

christopher was also involved with the design of the 1,850 foot Dorsey Run Road through the site frontage of the 100-acre parcel south of Montevideo Road, a road included on the capital projects list for Howard County. The site included three stormwater management ponds, two floodplain studies, associated public and private storm drain design, public water and sewer extensions and private system design. christopher’s landscape plan included preparation of a forest stand delineation and forest conservation plans.