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Antioch Loop Closure – Prince William County

Since 2009, christopher has provided the Prince William County Services Authority (PWCSA) with civil engineering and surveying services as part of a term contract. In 2015, PWCSA determined the need to improve water service in the Haymarket Service Area. In order to do so, the PWCSA needed to connect the T-30 Dominion Valley Water Tank, located on Antioch Road, with an existing water main located parallel to US Route 15. christopher was tasked with evaluating alternatives and designing the proposed water transmission line.

christopher prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER). The PER contained a hydraulic analysis of three alternative designs, which allowed the Service Authority to choose which model worked best within the budget, flood plains and existing utilities. The final model that was chosen requires the design of 10,500 linear feet of 18-inch water main that runs from US Route 15 across Interstate 66, to the T-30 Dominion Valley Tank.