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college recruiting program

christopher consultants is always looking for talented young professionals to join our team in an internship or entry level position.  An emphasis on college recruiting is a large part of what makes our company great.  christopher attends career fairs throughout the year and maintains relationships with several college and university career development departments.

college ambassador program

christopher consultants has consistently hired employees from many of the top schools in the country. Students from these schools are welcome to contact the following christopher ambassadors from selected schools to inquire about our company and the opportunities here. Each ambassador is an alumnus from the specified school and will be happy to entertain questions. Just click the name of your school below to send an email to the Ambassador.

Our team at christopher consultants is made up of graduates from over 50 top universities, so we couldn’t name them all here. If you are a student at a school not mentioned, please feel free to contact our Human Resources department at to learn about internship and career opportunities at christopher.

christopher's College Ambassadors

Auburn University
David Sharon, P.E.

George Mason University
Chris Lemon, P.E., LEED AP, DPE

Georgia Tech
John Helms, P.E.

Old Dominion University
John Levtov, P.E.

Penn State University
Eric Bogumil, EIT

Syracuse University
Eli Goldman, P.E.

Virginia Tech
Andy Gorecki, P.E.

West Virginia University 
Jeff Smith, L.S.