christopher consultants, ltd.

Historic Selma Estates – Loudoun County, VA

christopher consultants has been working on the Historic Selma Estate subdivision since 1997. christopher has performed engineering design, civil engineering, land planning, surveying, permitting and environmental assessments on the site to date, with final engineering design ongoing. christopher has worked with homebuilder Stanley Martin on this project.

Located west of Route 15 between Leesburg and Lucketts, this 1,000 acre site was designed as a rural cluster community. This design focuses on open space by clustering smaller lots together, preserving rural space between the lots. Approximately 280 single family homes are present on the site.

christopher designed central water and sewer utilities for the site, including the planning and processing of a site plan for a water treatment and storage facility in 2007. The facility was constructed to eliminate the need for individual wells and drainfields. The facility obtains water from six on-site wells to service the entire subdivision. christopher consultants also designed all raw water and treated water lines for this facility. christopher consultants faced many design challenges, including the mountainside topography and the limestone geology. christopher ensured that detailed subsurface testing and exploration was performed to identify any potential sinkholes in the limestone, and planned accordingly.

christopher also performed survey services for stream restoration of Limestone Branch on the property. christopher provided detailed topography and existing conditions services to facilitate the restoration planning process. This portion of the project focused on utilizing natural channel design techniques to vegetate and restore approximately half a mile of repair.