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About UsLeadership Team

christopher’s leadership team, made up of our principals, senior associates and associates, know that a good team relies on a good leader who is knowledgeable in his or her field and available to meet all of the client’s and the team’s needs. christopher executives are involved at a principal level on almost all of our largest projects. christopher’s commitment to excellent service and quality work starts here.

Executive Team

william r. zink, p.e.

william r. goldsmith, jr.
executive vice president, urban land division

louis canonico, p.e.
vice president, special services division

ruth r. fields, cpa
chief financial officer; vice president, corporate division

michael s. kitchen, p.e.
vice president, land development division

jeffrey s. smith, l.s.
senior vice president, surveying division & suburban land division


joseph paciulli, l.s.
vice president, suburban land

christopher w. brown, p.e.
founding chairman

Senior Associates

christopher c. fillmore, l.s.
senior associate

andrew j. gorecki, p.e.
senior associate

kevin m. washington
senior associate

brent evans, l.s.
senior associate

john rinaldi, AICP, MLA, BES (Plan)
senior associate

ann germain, p.e.
group leader/principal

jack williams, p.e.
group leader/principal


john c. levtov, p.e.
senior project manager – land development

federico tersoglio
group leader – survey division

marie purkert 
director of business development

chris lemon 
group leader – suburban land 

david sharon, P.E.
group leader – urban land 

jessica harrison
group leader – survey division

david “bum” phillips, p.e.
group leader/associate

lonny sturgeon, l.s.
group leader/associate